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It’s Better Speech and Hearing Month: 3 ways a corporate SLP can help you!

Did you know that May is Better Speech and Hearing Month? This campaign is organized each year by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to raise public awareness about speech, hearing, and language disorders and services that are available to help improve communication. While speech-language pathologists typically help people with communication disorders, they are also trained to help people who need help improving their communication skills for other reasons, like professional advancement. Corporate speech-language pathologists are specifically trained to help individuals improve their communication within a professional setting. How exactly can a corporate speech-language pathologist help you?

  • Speech: Corporate speech-language pathologists can help modify the way a person produces the sounds of the English language. Unclear speech can seriously impair communication and negatively impact your career. A corporate speech-language pathologist can identify and target problem sounds and help head off issues in communication. A speech pathologist can also help people who habitually mumble, have unclear speech, or have a regional or non-native accent that is getting in the way of their communication.
  • Language: Corporate speech-language pathologists can also help people who want to learn how to develop strong professional language that gets to the point and conveys a strong, memorable message This might include help with word finding, choosing more effective phrasing, or learning to express your message in the most succinct, impactful way possible.
  • Voice: Speaking with a clear, dynamic voice is key to professional success. A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you learn to develop stronger breath support to prevent strain and injury and improve your vocal quality. Speech-language pathologists can also help modify other vocal quality issues, such as an overly nasal or high-pitched voice.

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