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Feeling Stuck? 3 Tips to Use Practice to Get to the Next Level

One of the most common mistakes people make with communication training is not making time for practice. In order to carryover skills into your day-to-day life, your brain and body need regular, systematic practice. Practice allows a technique to become automatic, so it requires little effort or active thought and becomes a part of your normal behavior.

Having trouble fitting practice into a packed schedule? There are plenty of opportunities for practice in your normal routine! Check out our three tips to help you practice your speech and communication skills as you go about your day:

  • Read aloud as often as possible! Having the words written out in front of you gives you the chance to fully concentrate on your speech. Print out some e-mails, and once you’re in the privacy of your home, try reading them aloud. Record yourself so you can assess your progress and make changes. Reading to your child can also be an excellent opportunity for practice
  • It’s easy to forget about your goals during your hectic workday. As a reminder, leave notes for yourself in places that you will see often throughout your day. For example, put a post it note on your phone that says “Slow down!” or “Clear and precise!”
  • Choose a few day-to-day activities in which you speak to strangers to focus on your communication goals. This works best if the activity is a part of your daily routine, for example, ordering your morning coffee. Take a moment beforehand to decide on your communication goal for this particular interaction (for example speaking slowly). Afterwards, take stock of how it went, and how you could improve the next day.

Remember: practice makes perfect!

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