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How a Speech Coach Can Help You Elevate Your Team


Are you a human resource professional who is looking for better ways to elevate your team for growth?  In today’s competitive environment, having a team that speaks clearly will not just help your organization keep its current clients—it will help grow the overall business as well. Check out these win-win benefits that hiring a corporate speech coach can have for you, your team, and the company.

  1. Professional Development: Investing in the growth of your employees helps you uncover hidden gems in your organization and gives them the tools to advance into higher positions within your organization. Additionally, according to SHRM (the national association of Human Resource professionals) investing in your team leads to less turnover in the organization.
  2. Increased Revenue: When you can develop effective communication in all departments of your business, everything from client presentations to customer service improves resulting in increased profits.
  3. Reduced Cost: The Independent Directors Council (IDC) commissioned a study to determine how much miscommunication costs companies each year. They found that companies with 100,000 employees or more were losing $62 million per year on average due to misunderstandings! At an average of $624 per employee, that type of loss can even impact smaller companies.
  4. Improved Communication Skills: When it comes to building a successful team, communication is essential. When everyone on the team from the general staff to upper management can articulate ideas, goals, and expectations with clarity, everyone wins.

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