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How Can I Retain My Best Employees?

Do you have a tough time retaining excellent employees? Are you spending time, energy, and money, only to have members of your team leave and go work for the competition or even become the competition? Bringing new employees into your business is only the beginning. Once you have your ideal team, you need to properly integrate them into your company and build a strong company culture. Take a look at these four tips for keeping your best employees for the long haul.


  1. Define Your Company Culture. A distinct company culture will in itself attract the right candidates that feel the environment will work well for them. During the interview process, ask questions to see if their personality fits well with the company’s culture.


  1. Offer Training. Invest in your employees. Let them know you believe they are valuable members of your team. Allow your employees to grow as your business, and your industry evolves. Their enhanced education will help your company stand apart from your competition and better serve your customer base.


  1. Let Them Make Mistakes. We tend to forget that a person who fails, learns. Allow your employees the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Provide constructive feedback and encouragement.


  1. Offer a Great Compensation Package. There are many ways to keep a great employee from jumping ship. Consider creative ways to incentivize them to stay, including holiday bonuses, personal and company-wide bonuses for hitting quotas, and profit-sharing options for long-term employees. A strong health care package is another great incentive to attract and maintain high quality employees.

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