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Jayne Latz serves on the NYC SHRM Board of Directors and until last week I hadn’t had the chance to hear her

I attended the NYC SHRM Organizational Development SIG Meeting where she presented many topics including making a good impression, building vocal volume through proper breathing techniques, how to emphasize your point, modulate your voice, present with confidence, tell your story and many other important skills that are crucial to master, whether in the corporate environment […]

Your presentation last night was extremely valuable

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful tips. Your presentation last night was extremely valuable to me as an HR professional in the making and I hope to imbibe the advice into practice. M. Baxi Presentation: Pitch Perfect: How To Strategically Cut Through Red Tape and Get The Job You Really Want!

I could not have achieved without such a good trainer.

Thank you for all your support. your workshop did inspire me a lot. Also, I do not want to take all the credits. Alina was behind my success. She was detail oriented. She would be ready with what to cover in each session and go through with all my questions. I could not have achieved […]

My career is back on track!!

I looked up Corporate Speech Solutions after my promotion was blocked by senior management over concerns about my communication and professional presence. I was completely devastated. My speech coach Margo helped me through this difficult time in my career on many levels. She provided objective feedback, practical tips to improve on whatever area I was […]

Highly Recommended

If you or somebody you know could use help in improving their public speaking skills, or in improving English enunciation abilities (including softening a foreign accent to make it easier for an English-speaking audience to understand), I highly recommend a professional named Jayne Latz, who has written a book on the subject and has helped […]

Pleased with Alina

Great experience – Alina explains in a perfect way and learning and practicing was fun with her. Many thanks!

Accent Reduction Success

I really enjoyed all the sessions and learned many tips to improve my incorrect voiced consonants and vowels. Jayne had provided me a very good training by putting more stress on the specific characters which I am struggling with and reminded me in in every session to make sure I stay on track. She constantly  […]

Interview Success

I had four sessions with Jayne Latz for interview skills coaching. I noticed major improvements in my posture, confidence, and hand gestures. I would 100% recommend CCS to anyone. Anonymous 8/23/17

Excellent Presentation

Dear Jayne, Thank you for a terrific presentation.  It is clear that you love what you do, are passionate about it, and are terrific at it.  Our students gained much from the insights that you provided.  I wish you continued success and hope that you will continue to be a friend of us at Touro. […]

Benefits forever

Hi, Jayne! I would like to take the time to thank you for the class that my girlfriend and I took a while back called “Public Speaking Made Easy” with you. It has helped me greatly in my career so far and will forever. Thanks again for your class. John S. 9/18/17