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The best English teachers I have met

Good morning Jayne. I hope you are doing well. I believe Margo is one of the best English teachers I have met so far. She always shows her enthusiasm to deliver her knowledge on English speaking skill to me with all appropriate manners. I am really enjoying the class. H. Lee

Ignited my curiosity

Speak to Lead: A Speakers’ Forum I was a member of Speak to Lead for one year. I found each session insightful in helping me to slow down, speak with clear pronunciation and project confidence. As a result of Speak to Lead, it has ignited my curiosity to build onto my vocabulary to further assist […]

Thank you so much

“Thank you so much for the tips and the important things to keep in mind so I can improve my communication.” -Gladys Diaz

Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation Thank you Jayne and Margo, It was an incredibly positive experience for me. I was the most prepared I’ve ever been for a speech and I really was not even nervous. I got a huge standing ovation. Thanks for all your help. Apparently, they had a professional videographer so we will send you […]

my confidence and communication was impeccable

Hi Margo, Hey I just wanted to share the text I got from my VP about an interview I did today for a huge new project. I owned the room, my confidence and communication was impeccable and I have you to thank! It was really something special and I know it was because of all […]

It made a tremendous difference!

(a satisfied client after sitting on a panel presentation) It was great! I received a lot of positive feedback and even had people come up to me afterward with follow up questions.   I feel like my delivery was good too and that I spoke up an appropriate amount.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, […]

Helping Worldwide – Follow our Youtube Channel

I’m from Philippines and I’m following you these past few days to learn more on how to improve my communication skills. I am fascinated and astonished by  the way you speak and present yourself in front of your audience. I’ll be forever be grateful by the efforts you’ve made on creating this website for I […]

Thank you both for everything!

Just wanted to share a little update with you post-work with Laurie. I started orientation for graduate business school last week and last Friday, we had a group challenge and we had to present our project to a start-up company and about 55 of our other classmates.  And we won! I used all of the […]

Great place, great staff, highly recommend!

Corporate Speech Solutions is a wonderful place to get your accent reduction and build Clarity, Confidence and speak better English. They have a wonderful staff who are always available to help whether you have a problem speaking certain words or if people are asking you to repeat what you said they can help you with […]