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Archive of month: October 2011

Don’t Miss this Tuesday’s Event!

This Tuesday, Corporate Speech Solutions’ founder and president, Jayne Latz will present on how to communicate with clarity and confidence! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to boost your professional communication skills. Check out the link for details! http://www.corporatespeechsolutions.com/events/communicate-confidence/

Let’s Do Lunch

The business lunch is an event that every professional will most likely encounter at some point in their career. While the concept may seem simple—discussing business matters while having a bite to eat—there are myriad details that need to be considered to orchestrate a successful business meal. Having lunch with a client or colleague certainly […]

Want to Improve Communication in Your Company? Call in the Experts!

If you have employees within your company who need help improving their speech and communication skills, a corporate speech-language pathologist can help them to hone their skills and better represent your business. In addition to one-on-one corporate speech and communication coaching, Corporate Speech Solutions also offers large group presentations to improve communication skills. If you’re […]

Sherrylynn: New York, NY

Kathleen is a skilled listener and noticed regional inflections that I was not even aware of.   She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to satisfy your clients.  She is an asset to your company. 

Voice Misuse in the Workplace

When considering professional communication, we put a lot of effort into what we say (the language of business) and how we say it (clear, slow speech). However, there is a third component of business communication that often goes unnoticed: how you use your voice.   When giving a presentation or speaking to a group, it’s […]

Juliana Oliveira

I am writing to give you feed back on the program I finished last week. I enjoyed the program very much. My teacher, Robyn Kitto, was wonderful. She was able to teach me so much in such a short period of time. Robyn was very diligent, professional and kind. The course materials are also very […]

Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults: ADD in the Workplace

While the symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD) tend to first appear in childhood, they can sometimes extend into adulthood. In our last blog, we introduced Adult ADD and discussed the major hallmarks of the disorder. This week, we’ll address the different ways living with ADD can affect your professional life and job performance. The […]