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Archive of month: January 2014

How to dance on your feet

Good Morning Jayne, I was impressed and glad I took the opportunity to attend your presentation on Tuesday evening. Your ability to draw out reactions from the rather subdued audience was exceptional. You kept them involved and inspired participation from an audience that you had evaluate on the run and expect the unexpected.  My attention […]

What is the difference between tension and relaxation?

One of the factors that can make the most impact in professional communication and speech therapy is the strength and tone of your voice. Luckily, there are techniques you can learn in order to power up your voice and speak in a voice that is engaging, dynamic, and powerful. Two of the most important factors […]

Present with confidence

Unsolicited email from client: Jayne, Belated, thank you so much for your support. Paul was great teaching me many things that are all very useful. I had a 30 minute speech to give in front of over 100 people right after the last session with him. It was a success. Nonetheless, I need to practice […]

How Your Accent Affects Professional Perception and Success?

According to a recent United Nations report, nearly one out of every 33 people work in a nation other than the country they were born in. With increasing globalization and the resulting multicultural and multilingual work environments, the number of non-native English speaking professionals in the United States is on the rise. However, despite the […]

The Art of the Pause

When trying to drive an important point home, silence can be worth a thousand words. Learning how to insert a pause in the proper place while speaking can help clarify your speech, and make your message easier to understand. In addition, regular pauses allow your listener time to process your speech and better understand your […]