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Archive of month: August 2014

Are You Mispronouncing these American English Words?

Because English borrows words from a variety of language backgrounds, there’s no surefire way to tell how a word is pronounced just by looking at its spelling. This makes learning to speak American English without an accent particularly difficult. But there are some American English words that even native speakers mispronounce. Make sure your pronunciation […]

Four Words You Might Be Misusing

Last week we discussed the common mistake of using overly big words as a way to try to sound intelligent and knowledgeable. While using large vocabulary words may help you to express a specific idea, you also run the risk of confusing your listener or sounding pretention. There is also the additional risk that you […]

Is Your Vocabulary Hurting Your Career?

            Are you one of the many, many people with a Learn a Word a Day calendar sitting on your desk? Do you try to incorporate new and complex words into your everyday professional conversation to sound more articulate? You might be hurting your career!

What Is Accent Modification and Accent Reduction?

Recently, accent modification made headlines when an employee in Oak Ridge National Labs in Tennessee requested the company provide a class to help employees modify their Southern accent. The lab’s employees represent over 90 countries, and accent modification classes are regularly offered to those who don’t speak English as a native language. The Southern accent […]