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Archive of month: April 2012

GB – 14-week course happiness!

Voicemail testimonial from ‘GB’ who was very happy with the results of his 14-week accent reduction program. GB testimonial

Kumi Sekiguchi

Hi Jayne, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me to improve my accent. This is a great program, and Paul is an excellent teacher. This is the best investment I ever made. Thank you again. Kind regards,  Kumi Sekiguchi

Saying “No”

There are definite advantages to being agreeable in the workplace. Saying “yes” to people can help you to create professional relationships and develop a strong rapport with your colleagues. However, there are definitely situations in which saying “no” can be beneficial, be it rejecting an idea you see as badly planned, or turning down a […]

Miscommunication: Are You on the Same Page?

No matter how hard you work to hone your professional communication skills, communicating with others is never foolproof. Two people participating in the same conversation may walk away with entirely different ideas of what was actually said. How can you avoid misunderstandings and

Gossip: Professional Poison

Everyone wants to build rapport with their coworkers; having a close relationship with the people you work with can make your place of business a more comfortable, pleasant place to spend your Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, a common way for people to try to build this rapport is through gossip. Gossip is not productive speech. […]

New Yawk Tawk: Part 2

Last week we discussed some aspects of the infamous “New Yawk” accent. Although some consider this regional accent an integral part of their identity, others would love nothing more than to tone down the regional distinction. When this is the case, the goal is usually Standard American English (SAE), the American “accentless accent”. Standard American […]