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Professional meeting

Three Simple Tips for Inspiring Trust

Do your colleagues and clients trust you? While being good at what you do is clearly essential in order to succeed professionally, whether people find you trustworthy is also crucial for success. Of course a large part of whether people trust you depends on if you’re actually trustworthy. Keeping your word and respecting others will […]

Personal Space: Finding the Right Distance

Have you ever been in a conversation with a “close talker”? Interacting with someone who invades your personal space can be, at minimum, irritating, and for some, can be a significant source of discomfort and anxiety. Having a person stand too far away during a conversation can also be problematic; too much distance can be […]
Woman standing

Projecting Confidence with Posture: Five Simple Tips!

Being able to communicate your message in a clear, articulate way is key to professional success. However, strong professional communication isn’t only about what you say and how you say it. What your listener sees is just as important as what they hear. This means honing both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order […]
Man folding arms

Are You Reading Others’ Body Language Correctly?

A huge proportion of communication is non-verbal; your facial expressions, posture, and body language all convey a significant amount of information to your listener. It’s essential to consider your body language when trying to hone your professional communication skills. But once you’ve cultivated your own non-verbal communication to reflect confidence and professionalism, there’s still another […]

Is Your Body Language Hurting Your Career?

When my clients come to me, they’re typically focused on how to improve their speaking skills. Learning to communicate with clarity and confidence definitely involves refining the way you speak. But often people are so focused on what it is they’re saying that they lose sight of the fact that the way they move and […]

Does your Body Language Inspire Trust?

Establishing trust is a key part of forging effective business relationships. Whether dealing with a client, colleague or competitor, no one wants to maintain a professional relationship with someone they feel is not trustworthy. As we discussed last week, body language can play a significant part in whether or not you are perceived as someone […]

How Clear Is Your Speech? Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers

If you’re like most modern professionals, your colleagues and clients likely come from a variety of multicultural and multilingual background. This diversity has helped enrich the workplace with varying viewpoints and work styles. Unfortunately, language differences can also hinder productivity and connectivity in the workplace. Last week, we discussed how native speakers of English can […]

Public Speaking: Focus

If the idea of speaking in front of a large group makes you anxious, you’re in good company; public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world. While giving a speech or presenting in front of a crowd may always be a bit nerve-wracking, there are ways you can help ease the […]

Public Speaking: Get Your Body Ready

Public speaking can be an intimidating task, but a little preparation goes a long way towards making it less daunting. Last week, we discussed how to prepare your voice for speaking in front of a group. While relaxing your face is an important component of confident public speaking, many people neglect another critical preparation technique: […]

Multicultural Communication: Gesture and Facial Expression

Over the past two weeks we’ve discussed some different aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication that can impact your interactions in a multicultural workplace. Today, we’ll discuss two basic, but complicated aspects of non-verbal communication: gestures and facial expressions. We tend to put