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Archive of month: August 2012

Vocal Care

Whenever an occasion for public speaking arises, a number of thoughts and worries tend to pop up: Do I know my material well enough? Will the audience be bored? How do I phrase what I want to say just right? While content and language should certainly be primary concerns, there is another aspect of public […]


At Corporate Speech Solutions, we strive to help you sound as confident and professional as possible in your speech. One habit that can be fatal to this professional, confident speaking style is the use of fillers. Fillers are words, phases or sounds which hold no content, but are often added to speech when peopleare unsure […]

Multicultural Communication: Part 2

In honor of the Olympics, this month Corporate Speech Solutions is dedicating our blog to multicultural practices in business. Last week we discussed the ways in which eye contact, personal space, and volume can change in communication across cultures. Today, we’ll discuss a few more specific situations that should be considered when communicating in a […]

Multicultual Communication

It’s that time again: Olympic fever is upon us, as people from around the globe all come together to watch the world’s greatest athletes compete against one another. In this spirit of this multinational event, this week, we’ll focus on the effect that culture can have on communication, and some of the differences you need […]

Memory Strategies

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how speech-language pathologists can help individuals who have difficulty with memory, strengthening their skills for better communication and everyday functioning. Today we’ll talk about a specific type of strategy speech-language pathologists use to help their clients improve their memory skills: internal compensatory memory strategies. In our last blog […]