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Archive of month: March 2021

It was so valuable

Thanks so much for reaching out! It was great! I really felt like I was actually able to make a few concrete changes over the course of the training, and I now know what I need to work on moving forward to continue to improve. Alina was absolutely incredible, and she was able to find […]
presentation skills and public speaking

Importance of Investing in Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

Think public speaking training is just for people that regularly get up in front of a big audience to pitch their product or give a speech in their area of expertise? Think again.   When you walk into the boss’s office to make a request or pitch an idea, your ability (or inability) to convey your […]

Facts About Stress That Will Make You Think About Your Habits

This article was specially written as a guest blog for CorporateSpeechSolutions.com by Brad Krause of http://selfcaring.info/ Stress is one of the biggest inhibitors of our ability to properly care for ourselves. Chances are, unfortunately, that you think you are doing everything you can to keep stress at bay. But there is a good chance you […]

I have so much confidence now

My experience with Margo was great! I have so much confidence now because I have learned so many essential tools that have improved my speaking ability. I’m so grateful and I would like to thank you for giving me a great and fantastic speech coach.May god bless you and your family for all the wonderful […]