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Archive of month: February 2012

Post-college student for Speaking Up for Success

Hope all is well. You really created a monster ! Jennifer has had several phone interviews over the past few months and to her great happiness, she landed a spot with Fox News for this summer. Not only that, but she is doing a program in DC this semester where she has to interview people […]

Network the Right Way

Nearly everyone in the business world considers networking to be a critical part of professional success. However, not all networking is created equal. To successfully network, one must do more than simply make the acquaintance of others in their field. Today, we’ll discuss some strategies to help make successful networking connections in the business world. […]

Secrets to a Successful Meeting

While meetings are a great concept in theory—an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and be kept up-to-date on important business—anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment is all too aware that meetings are often not quite as effective as intended. What can you do to ensure your next meeting is a success?

Eileen Fong

Dear Jayne, Long time no see! I am not sure if you still remember me. I previously worked in Maxim and attended the communication classes with Melody under Chris’ recommendation. I have wanted to write a thank you letter to you for a long time. However, I went back to Taiwan last fall and did […]

How Clear Is Your Speech?

One common mistake in business communication is not separating your day-to-day speech from your professional speech. When talking casually in everyday situations, we tend to run our words together as we speak. For example, “would’ve” and “should’ve” become “wudda” and “shudda”. “Want to” and “going to” become “wanna” and “gonna.” Although this manner of speaking […]

The Power of the Pause

When faced with an important professional interaction, people tend to put a lot of thought into what they are going to say. While choosing your words wisely is certainly important, the way in which we speak is equally important. Our tone of voice, rate of speech, and other non-verbal cues often say more about our […]