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Archive of month: February 2013

Eye Contact across Cultures

At Corporate Speech Solutions, we provide training on speaking with confidence and projecting a self-assured, professional air in communication. To this end, we often counsel clients on how to utilize eye contact to achieve a strong, confident image. However, as globalization continues to change the face of the professional environment, it’s important to note that […]

Crafting the Perfect “Elevator Pitch”

The goal of networking is to establish connections and inform other professionals and potential clients about who you are why you stand out from others in your field. Unfortunately, much networking happens under narrow time constraints, strictly limiting the amount of time you have to introduce yourself and your services. For this reason, every professional […]

Miscommunications in the Business World

In a perfect world, all of our professional communication would go smoothly, with each of us saying exactly what we mean and being understood without a hitch. Unfortunately, no matter how much care and preparation you take with your professional communication skills, hiccups in business communication are inevitable. While these snafus may be unavoidable, how […]