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Archive of month: November 2013

Speak Like a Professional: Word Endings

One of the trickiest skills to learn when improving professional speech skills or improving an American English accent is producing clear connected speech. Words that you may be able to produce correctly on their own may suddenly seem unclear or less understandable when used in the context of a sentence or in conversation. This is […]

Improving American English Pronunciation: Beware the Stress!

When trying to improve an American English accent, most people focus on the sounds in a word. While learning how to pronounce the consonant and vowel sounds of Standard American English is a core component of accent reduction, there are other, more subtle aspects of American English that often prevent people from sounding like a […]

Improving American English Pronunciation: Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds

One of the most difficult parts of learning English is mastering all of the subtle differences in pronunciation. Learning how to produce sounds with an American English accent is what makes the difference between sounding like a non-native English speaker, and sounding like you’ve mastered the language. Last week we discussed one of the trickier […]

Improving American English Pronunciation

Learning English as a second language and mastering an American accent can be tricky. Even once the words and grammar of English are mastered, learning to pronounce the subtle differences in sounds that make up the American accent can be a problem for many people. If you haven’t grown up listening to the American accent […]