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Archive of month: March 2014

The Importance of Eye Contact

A significant proportion of communication is non-verbal—up to 90% by some researchers’ estimation! This means that how you say something is often even more important than what you’re saying. One critical component of non-verbal communication is eye contact.  Eye contact can serve a variety of purposes, from holding your listener’s attention and effectively relating your […]

Breathe to Succeed!

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself because they can’t understand you the first time you say something? You may be lacking vocal power! If you don’t speak with a strong, dynamic voice it’s likely that others aren’t receiving your message! One of the most important factors in vocal production is strong breath support. […]

Eighth time and going strong!

Although this is the eighth time that Jayne Latz has presented to our group, her enthusiasm and presentation skills made it seem like we were hearing her for the first time; the two hours flew by. The seminar was well attended and Jayne maintained the same high energy, dedication and professionalism as she did in […]

Will Your Communication Skills Land You the Job?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a successful job interview. Researching the company, thinking through answers to common interview questions, and preparing your resume are all essential. But many people overlook one of the most important aspects of an interview: strong communication skills.

Practice Tips: How to get the most out of your training

One of the biggest mistakes people make with communication training is failing to make time for practice. Simply learning techniques and strategies for better speech isn’t enough—your brain and body require regular systematic practice to truly integrate the techniques into your day-to-day speech. Without practice, you are likely to see excellent progress during formal training, […]

Ace your next interview with confident speech

Alina is very great to work with and really helped me to sound clearer in my speech. What can I say I am from New York and my New York accent was not always clear as I did not pronounce my words fully. Alina also prepared me for interviews and I feel a lot more […]

Reduce your New York Accent!

Kathleen is a skilled listener and noticed regional inflections that I was not even aware of. She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to satisfy your clients. She is an asset to your company. Sherrylynn