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Archive of month: July 2015

Don’t Let These 3 Grammar Errors Damage Your Credibility!

When I help my clients develop their professional communication skills, our main focus is often how to present your message; factors like speaking clearly, with an engaging, dynamic voice, and strong bod language can go a very long way towards improving your professional credibility and success. However, what you say can also play a significant […]

Are You Making These 4 Mistakes In Your Writing?

Last week we talked about some words that are commonly misused and how using a word incorrectly can undermine your credibility in the workplace. While vocabulary issues are a common pitfall in professional communication, written communication is even trickier. Since nearly all written communication is electronic now, spell check and auto-correct have all but eliminated […]

Words You Don’t Know You’re Using Wrong!

  Last week we talked about several words and phrases that can undermine your credibility as a professional. Another common problem is misusing words. People often make the mistake of equating a large vocabulary with being articulate and intelligent and try to pepper their speech with as many impressive vocabulary words as possible. Unfortunately this […]

Three Words That Are Undermining Your Credibility!

Learning to speak with clarity and confidence is essential to creating a strong professional image. When working with my clients, we often focus on modifying speech patterns, like how quickly someone talks, changing vocal quality, or learning to project with a clear, strong voice. However, vocabulary choice can also play a significant role in how […]