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Archive of month: June 2012

Are You Happy with Your Voice?

Everyone has had the experience of hearing their own voice on a voicemail or video and exclaiming in horror, “Is that what I sound like?” While very few of us are entirely happy with the way we sound, the majority assume that they are stuck with the voice they hear. Rarely do people realize that […]

Tips for a More Confident Air

When communicating in a professional environment, projecting confidence can make or break an interaction. Over the past two weeks we’ve discussed different aspects of communicating with confidence. Today, we finish our series with some final tips for polishing your confident air: Check Your

Alex Sekenova

Upon completion of the 14 session training, Alexandra demonstrated 76% improvement in our speech based on the pre- and post-test sample. She demonstrates clear and confident speech in this video.

How Confident Do You Look?

Confidence is a key component in creating a strong, capable professional image. Last week, we discussed different aspects of your speech that can affect how confident you appear. In addition to your speech, facets of your appearance can project confidence as well. Take a look at the following tips to help you look confident and […]

Do You Sound as Confident as You Feel?

When interacting in a professional setting, projecting confidence can have a significant impact on how others perceive your character and professional abilities. Those who appear confident are often assumed to be more capable in their jobs and more worthy of trust and respect. So how can you increase the amount of confidence you project? One […]

Karen Erbacher, Human Resources Consultant

Got communications challenges, concerns, questions?  Get with Jayne ~ you’ll become confident and clear.  Jayne draws you in and adeptly helps you reflect your “best self”.  Be it for what you say or how you convey it,  Jayne is the real deal. Genuine. Engaging. Enthusiastic. Positive. Professional. Caring. Pleasantly powerful. Motivating. A true champion, teacher and leader in her craft.  Spot on! […]