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Archive of month: June 2015

Is Your Body Language Hurting Your Career?

When my clients come to me, they’re typically focused on how to improve their speaking skills. Learning to communicate with clarity and confidence definitely involves refining the way you speak. But often people are so focused on what it is they’re saying that they lose sight of the fact that the way they move and […]

Do You Have a Filler Problem? Try Our 4-Step System!

  When it comes to professional communication, how you say something is often just as important as what you say. Last week we talked about some of the communication issues that young adults often experience as they’re making the transition from student to young professional, including the use of filler words. Fillers are words and […]

Acing the Interview: 4 Essential Tips for Young Adults

Every summer the workforce is flooded with new graduates looking to enter the professional world and get their careers started. Shortly after, I often find myself receiving calls from young professionals who find that they’re having a much tougher time landing their dream job than they had anticipated. Often the problem isn’t a lack of […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: 4 Essential Tips for Success

How often do you communicate with people from different cultural or linguistic backgrounds in the workplace? If you’re like most professionals, your workplace is growing increasingly diverse as globalization continues to increase at a breakneck pace. This diversity can be incredibly beneficial: we now have the opportunity to reach clients and create collaborations across the […]