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Archive of month: November 2014

Three Easy Tips for a Strong Presentation

Being able to give a clear, confident presentation that leaves an impression is a crucial skill to professional advancement. Don’t miss out on important opportunities because of your public speaking skills! Take a look at our three tips below to help take your presentations to the next level:

Improve your business communication skills and learn to leave a lasting impression

How good are you at making a first impression? People formulate their first impression of a person almost immediately after meeting them. This image can be hard to shake once its established. In the professional world, success often relies on establishing strong relationships; if a person connects with you on a personal level, they’re more […]

Patience and encouragement. Thank you.

 I had a great experience with Alina. She always did her best to teach me in each session with great patience and encouragement for me to improve in each session. She was always willing to help me and answer any questions in and out of the session. Mariel E.

Alina has been absolutely wonderful!

it’s been a true pleasure working with her. She has helped increase my self-awareness in a few areas I need improvement. She has focused on helping me decrease filler use, pausing and final sound pronunciation among other things in my everyday speech/communication. This has certainly helped my confidence in daily meetings. Finding time to practice […]

Are You Pronouncing the Past Tense Correctly? Part 3

One of the trickiest aspects of American English pronunciation is the past-tense “-ed” ending. Although this ending looks the same when written, it can be pronounced several different ways based on the word it’s attached to. Learning the nuances of these variations is one of the key differences that can help you master the American […]

Thank you Danielle!

Danielle. ​ You’re amazing! Through your training in pronunciation, speech rate, intonation, shifting stresses in a sentence and so much more, I have now a more dynamic voice and I speak way more confidently and clearly. A foundation with continuous results. Chaim

Try one of our workshops!

This is what was written in unsolicited emails the morning after “Accent Reduction Made Easy” on November 4, 2014. It was a pleasure meeting with you. The class was “fantastic”. I brought home a lot of information.   Larissa B  Dear Jayne, Thank you for providing me the opportunity to attend the workshop tonight. It was […]