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Archive of month: March 2013

What’s New at Corporate Speech Solutions?

At Corporate Speech Solutions, we are constantly working on new ways to help you “say it better”! Take a look at some of the newest events and products from Corporate Speech Solutions! April 3: Learn to “Communicate with Clarity and Confidence!” Are you interested in turning your communication skills into a powerful business tool? Let […]

Joann Wasserman

Dear Jayne, Thank you for a wonderful and information performance at The  American Business Women’s Association on New York. Your expertise and guidance has improved and enriched my every day life as well as my business skills. Corporate Speech Solutions has taught me how “Projection” is extremely important for boosting confidence. And slowing down my […]

Multicultural Communication: Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers

As globalization continues to grow at a breakneck pace, the workplace has become an increasingly multicultural environment. Whether clients, colleagues, or employees at offices overseas, most professionals will need to communicate with someone who is a non-native speaker of English. When communicating with a person who speaks English as a second language, many people try […]

Multicultural Communication: Gesture and Facial Expression

Over the past two weeks we’ve discussed some different aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication that can impact your interactions in a multicultural workplace. Today, we’ll discuss two basic, but complicated aspects of non-verbal communication: gestures and facial expressions. We tend to put

Personal Space across Cultures

The continued expansion of globalization means that a multicultural environment has become the norm for most workplaces. Whether your job necessitates international travel or you have colleagues or clients from other cultures, odds are you interact with people from a variety of backgrounds on a regular basis. In addition to the obvious language barriers that […]