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Archive of month: January 2015

You too can acheive 70% improvement

This client worked with Alina Kaplan of Corporate Speech Solutions. He demonstrated a strong commitment to the process and did the recommended practice each week. As a result, he demonstrated 70% improvement on the post-test of Level II. Here is what he had to say. “I must say I enjoyed every session of the two […]

Articulate Your Way To Success!

Feedback from our workshop titled “Articulate Your Way to Success; How to Communicate with Greater Clarity, Confidence and Credibility”  on 1/28/15 included the following: “I am so happy I came. This was so worth it. I look forward to the next one!” “Perfect workshop!” “Please continue with this topic – very helpful. Jayne, excellent job. […]

Want to Take Your Communication to the Next Level? Join us on January 28th!

Strong communication skills are essential to professional success. If you are unable to express your ideas in a clear, confident manner, you may be overlooked for promotions, lose potential clients, and miss countless other professional opportunities. If you want to take your communication skills to the next level, join us on January 28 in New […]

Perfect Your Elevator Pitch in 4 Easy Steps!

Want to expand your network? The first step is finding a way to interest potential contacts and tell them what you do in a succinct, engaging way. In order to do this, you need to craft an “elevator pitch”, a short introduction to what you and your business have to offer. How do you make […]

Three Communication Resolutions You Should Make for 2015!

As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome a new year, resolve to take your communication skills to the next level and make them your most powerful professional tool! Use these three crucial communication New Year’s resolutions to help you get started: