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Archive of month: April 2015

Is Anybody Listening?

As a communication coach, I work with clients all the time who want to improve their speaking skills. However, all too often, people neglect the other side of the communication coin: being an effective listener. With the amount of stress most professionals are under and the constant burden of  multitasking, people often find that they […]

3 Tips for the Perfect Handshake

What kind of a first impression do you give colleagues and clients? One of the best ways to convey a confident, professional image in the first moments of meeting someone is with your handshake. But what makes the difference between a memorable, professional handshake and one that leaves the other person cold? When perfecting the art […]

Does Your Accent Change How Others See You?

As a professional speech coach, I see people who want to improve their communication for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons people seek my services is to reduce their accent. An accent is definitely not a bad thing in and of itself; in almost every case there’s no reason to try […]

Body Language: What Do Your Gestures Say About You?

What do you do with your hands when you’re speaking? The gestures you use can have a huge impact on the image you project to others. Many people are uncomfortable using their hands when they speak and fall into default positions that limit their movement. This can make you appear stiff, insecure, or uncomfortable. Learning […]

Do Your Coworkers and Clients Understand You?: Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers

How often do you talk to non-native English speakers at your job? With globalization on the rise, most professionals have seen their workplace become increasingly multicultural. Whether your company does business overseas, has clients from different countries, or employs workers from a range of backgrounds, odds are you speak with people whose native language is […]