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Archive of month: December 2014

More Great Tips for Effective Meeting Communication!

Meetings are an essential part of running an effective professional team. But all too often, poor communication can turn meetings into an inefficient waste of time. Last week,we gave three simple tips for running the most successful meetings possible. Today, we present part two, with three more great tips!

How Effective Are Your Meetings? Check Out Our 3 Simple Tips!

Meetings are essential for any business. They give everyone an opportunity to share ideas and be kept up-to-date on important information. However, poor communication can turn a meeting into a drawn out, ineffective waste of time. Take a look at our three tips below to make sure your next meeting is a success!

Need a Conversation Starter? Take a Look at our 4 Simple Tips!

It’s that time of year: every weekend there seems to be some sort of holiday gathering, whether it’s within your personal or professional circle. Holiday get-togethers are a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet new friends. Last week, we talked about the art of making small talk. But being able to make great […]

Speak like an expert!

On behalf of the Board of the Long Island Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners, Thank you Jayne for your wonderful presentation which was full of tips and insight to “Speak Like The Expert You Are”. Jayne recently addressed 80 seminar attendees at our educational event. The presentation was fun and interactive and attendee feedback was […]

Three Simple Ways to Master the Art of Small Talk

Networking is a crucial part of professional success. The ability to meet and connect with potential customers and professional connections is one of the keys to growth in the business world. However, networking is more complicated than just meeting others in your field and introducing yourself and your services. People are more likely to connect […]