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Archive of month: March 2020

Working from Home? Keep Your Professional Development Going!

As social distancing mandates escalate in the wake of COVID-19, increasing numbers of professionals have been called upon to work from home. Although working from home certainly has its upsides (No commute! Comfy clothes! No more distractions from your loudly chatting cubical neighbor!), the shift can be surprisingly challenging. Many people have trouble adjusting to […]

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Voice? You Can Change the Way You Sound!

Do you cringe when you listen to recordings of yourself speak? Many of my clients come to me with complaints about the quality of their voice: that it’s too whiny, too nasal, too high-pitched, too soft or any number of other issues. All too often, people assume that they’re stuck with their voice as it […]

Extremely helpful

“I really enjoyed tonight’s session. It was extremely helpful and I am looking forward to the next events coming up!” -Sergio Flores

Very nice work!

“It was an excellent presentation. The only downside it was too short (90 minutes). Very nice work!” -Thomas Rodriquez

What I learned in accent reduction training

“I didn’t even realize I was mispronouncing certain critical words- and I am a native English speaker. I have learned lots of tools I will continue to practice.” -Dr. Seyni Gueye