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Archive of month: June 2016

Jayne Latz presenting

Corporate Speech Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Helping You Say It Better!

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Corporate Speech Solutions! In 2006 I began the journey of transitioning my experience as a speech-language pathologist into the business world. Inspired by a presentation at a professional conference, I realized I could use my expertise to help professionals from all backgrounds climb the corporate ladder by communicating […]

Get Ready to Speak Like a Leader: 3 Warm-Up Strategies

Whether giving an important presentation, contributing to a meeting, or just having a conversation with a colleague or client, speaking in a strong, dynamic voice is essential for clear communication and strong professional presence. One way to ensure you’re ready to speak with your best voice is to warm up beforehand. Take a look at […]

Increased self-awareness

Alina was a professional with her expertise on knowing how to correct my accent. I knew I had a bad accent from other people’s feedback. But I had no self-awareness about my bad accent. Now I have a comparisons mechanically. Alina was also a professional in handling her clients. We have been always had smooth […]

Another Satisfied Customer

Hi Jayne, It has been going so well! I love Paul! I look forward to every Wednesday with him. Thank you for everything! Melissa
Professional meeting

Landing Your Dream Job: Three Tips for New Graduates

Did you know that over 3 million students will graduate from college in the United States this year? As a new graduate entering the professional world, this means you’ll be facing an inordinate amount of competition as you try to land your dream job and get your career started. How can you be the candidate […]

Satisfied customer

Jayne, Thank you very much for your work with Karen along with your attached feedback and certificate document.  We are definitely noticing improvements in her confidence and communicative behaviors overall.  I also very much appreciate your previously received invitation for your special event in NYC tomorrow.  I am, unfortunately, unable attend as I’m in Boston […]
Man and woman shaking hands

Preparing for Your First Interview? Three Tips to Land the Job!

Summer is here and that means a flood of new graduates entering the workforce and preparing for their first job interviews. Unfortunately, despite their newly developed skills, a lot of young professionals find that they’re having a much tougher time landing their dream job than they had anticipated. One problem that often holds people back […]