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Archive of month: January 2018

Communication and Culture: A guest blog by Jeri Quinn

Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert who has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we’re joined by Jeri Quinn, a New York City based business coach. As founder and president of Driving Improved Results, Jeri specializes in helping […]

End Your Presentation Right – Master the Q&A

You already know that giving a strong, confident presentation is essential for professional success. But for many people, the most challenging part comes during the Q&A session. Although Q&A can be intimidating since you don’t have the opportunity to rehearse what you’ll say beforehand, it’s also an excellent opportunity to reinforce your message and connect […]
Make communication your most powerful professional tool!

Negotiate Like the Professional You Are

If you’re like most professionals, negotiation is a part of your daily life. Whether you’re negotiating a raise, working out the details of a contract, or deciding how a project will be run, knowing how to sway others to your side is essential to professional success. However, negotiation isn’t just about getting what you want; […]

My career is back on track!!

I looked up Corporate Speech Solutions after my promotion was blocked by senior management over concerns about my communication and professional presence. I was completely devastated. My speech coach Margo helped me through this difficult time in my career on many levels. She provided objective feedback, practical tips to improve on whatever area I was […]

Highly Recommended

If you or somebody you know could use help in improving their public speaking skills, or in improving English enunciation abilities (including softening a foreign accent to make it easier for an English-speaking audience to understand), I highly recommend a professional named Jayne Latz, who has written a book on the subject and has helped […]

Achieve Interview Success with these 4 Tips

  Strong, confident communication is essential to succeed in any job, and a key skill most employers look for during an interview. For their 2016 Job Skills Report, Bloomberg asked 1,251 job recruiters at 547 companies about the skills they want but can’t find. Guess which skill topped the list across industries? Communication! If you […]