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Archive of month: May 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: How Can I Be Concise While Delivering My Message?

  As executive communication coaches, we at Corporate Speech Solutions know that poor communication skills can significantly damage your career. However some bad communication habits can be more damaging than others. Recently, we conducted our own informal research on a group of CEOs and asked: Which behaviors interfere the most with business success? The skill […]

A Great Instructor

Laurie is a great instructor. I’ve learned so much and will apply all that I’ve learned into my personal and work life. Karen 5/29/18

Excellent Training – I miss her

Alina was excellent by being always present, providing me with a right amount of challenge, understanding of my struggles and needs, and providing constructive feedback. I miss not seeing her every week! 5/14/2018

Good-bye Filler Words

“Alina constantly let me know if I was saying any fillers while we spoke which kept me aware. She also did a fantastic job with helping me speak with a higher and clear tone while erasing my glottal fry I would recommend her to anyone because she is patient, but expects you to put in […]

Highly Skilled Trainer

Paul is very professional and highly skilled. He can pinpoint the sounds I said wrong and can explain how to make the correct sounds. 3/23/18

Thank you!

I really enjoyed all the sessions and learned many tips to improve my incorrect voiced consonants and vowels. Jayne had provided me a very good training by putting more stress on the specific characters which I am struggling with and remind me in in every session to make sure I stay on track. She constantly […]

Learning is Fun

Great experience – Alina explains in a perfect way and learning and practicing was fun with her. Many thanks! 7/6/17

I must continue to practice

It was great working with Paul! I really liked the way he explained how to differentiate similar sounds and pronounce words correctly by referencing to proper tongue positions, shapes of the mouth etc. Now I can identify which sounds I tend to make mistakes, and know how to correct them. Only thing I need is […]

I am now more confident

Alina was wonderful! She helped me with all the concerns I had about my Accent and answered all the questions I had. She also helped me to speak with more confidence and with skills that will help in my career and social environment in the future.  5/31/17

Always Passionate

Margo was always passionate to teach and I was very comfortable with learning from her. She was very good at analyzing how I pronounce and I was able to easily correct my wrong pronunciation.  12/2017
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