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Archive of month: August 2016

After the Presentation: 5 Tips to Ace the Q&A

The ability to give a dynamic, memorable presentation is an essential skill for professional advancement. While honing your message and learning to deliver it with confidence and clarity is crucial for a successful presentation, there is another part of the presentation that people often fail to prepare for: the Q&A session. Answering the audience’s questions […]
Woman studying

Practice: The Key to Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

Over the past decade of training professionals to speak with clarity and confidence and training them to use their communication skills to climb the corporate ladder, I’ve found that there is one key factor that separates people who truly take their skills to the next level: practice. Learning techniques and strategies for better communication isn’t […]

Quick Results With Paul

Jayne; I really enjoyed the time that I spent with Paul. He was very understanding and knowledgeable about my issues. The advise he gave me was very helpful in a short amount of time. Thank you for suggesting him to me. G. R.

Eliminate Slang, Build Business

Verbal shorthand and slang are a natural part of speech for most people. However, words and phrases which seem perfectly normal in casual, social speech are often entirely inappropriate for professional communication. For many people, learning to “code-switch” and eliminate verbal shorthand in a business environment can be tricky. Chances are you use slang and […]
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Communication Success for Women in Leadership Roles

When it comes to professional leadership, the ability to communicate with clarity, confidence, and executive presence is one of the most essential skills for success. This means you need to polish not only your content and message, but the way you deliver it. According to research published by the Wall Street Journal, how you say […]
Debbie Waldman

Foreign Accent Syndrome: A Guest Blog by Debbie Waldman

Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features a guest blogger to give a fresh perspective on different topics in communication. Today, we’re joined by our very own Debbie Waldman. As a student in speech-language pathology, Debbie has been an intern for over a year. She has been […]