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How to rock your next virtual presentation

How to Rock your Next Virtual Presentation

Fearful about your next virtual presentation? Do you feel like your tongue twists whenever you turn on the mic in your virtual meetings? If yes, then probably you have glossophobia. It is simply the fear of speaking publicly. Most people who experience it tend to always get nervous whenever it is time for them to […]
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Do Your Non-Verbal Communication Skills Need a Brush-Up?

Why is non-verbal communication important on and off the virtual platform? Think carefully, how often do your communication intentions miss the mark? Sometimes even our most cautiously worded statements can land wrong. According to Albert Mehrabian, a psychologist at the University of California, our nonverbal communication makes up a total of 93% of our communication. […]

Importance of Group Communication Skills

Lack of Communication Skills Can Break your Business What sets the successful high-achieving businesses apart from those who struggle? What is the secret behind their success? The secret begins with the foundation of great communication skills. If your business wants to achieve high levels of success, have happy customers and employees that don’t want to […]

Facts About Stress That Will Make You Think About Your Habits

This article was specially written as a guest blog for CorporateSpeechSolutions.com by Brad Krause of http://selfcaring.info/ Stress is one of the biggest inhibitors of our ability to properly care for ourselves. Chances are, unfortunately, that you think you are doing everything you can to keep stress at bay. But there is a good chance you […]