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Crafting a Voicemail Greeting That’s As Polished and Professional As You Are!

How many voicemail messages do you get each week? If you’re like most professionals, you’re often far too busy to answer your phone as it rings and allow most calls to go through to voicemail. This means that a significant number of professional contacts, clients, and business associates listen to your voicemail greeting before they […]

Are Your Voicemails Sending the Right Message?

When was the last time you had to replay a voicemail because you couldn’t understand the caller the first time around? Taking the time to try to decipher a garbled voicemail is irritating at best, and for many busy professionals, not worth the trouble. If a voicemail is difficult to understand, many professionals will simply […]
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Do Your Voicemails Get Results?

  If you’re like most professionals, you find that the majority of your phone calls during the workday end with leaving a voicemail. As workdays become increasingly packed, more and more professionals are letting their voicemail serve as their personal secretary, screening incoming calls and then prioritizing who to call back. In order to stand […]

Four Tips for Leaving the Perfect Voicemail!

In today’s busy workplace, more and more professionals are letting their voicemail screen their phone calls for them, listening to messages and returning the phone calls which they deem the most important. Whether someone presses ‘delete’ for your voicemail often depends on the quality of the message. Take a look at the following four tips […]

How Clear Are Your Voicemail Messages?

Has this ever happened to you: You receive a voicemail and have to replay it over and over again because you can’t understand the caller the first time around. Having to take the extra time to try to decipher a garbled voicemail is irritating at best and for many busy professionals not worth the trouble, […]

Get Results with the Perfect Voicemail

Have you ever called a colleague or client and left a voicemail only to wait and wait and never get a response? If you find this happens to you regularly, you may unknowingly be a “bad voicemailer”! Voicemails have become a standard part of business communication. Many people are too busy during the work day […]

What’s Your Best Communication Choice?

Last week we discussed the myriad of ways in which we can choose to communicate with others in the workplace. Whether it’s e-mail, texting, social media, a phone call, or a face-to-face visit, choosing the most appropriate method for connecting with someone requires some thought and attention. Today, we talk about some additional factors to […]

What Type of Communication Is Best?

As technology has grown at a break-neck pace, the different ways in which we communicate with others have expanded. When we want to contact a colleague, client or associate, we now have a myriad of ways to do it: a phone call, a text, a letter, an e-mail, an in-person visit, a Facebook message—the list […]